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Hytera TM-610 Mobile Radio

NZD626.75 inc GST (NZD545.00 + GST) All prices on this website are in NZD

Hytera TM-610 UHF/VHF Mobile Radio 5/25Watts

The high performance, yet simple-to-use mobile Hytera TM-610 two-way radio is created to give you the immediate, reliable communication you need to keep mobile teams working efficiently. Hytera’s voice compander audio enhancement and a powerful 13W external speaker ensure superb clear, crisp sound, even in noisy environments. Its compact design makes these two-way radios ideal when mounting space is a constraint

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  • Compact Design

    These compact portable radios are ideal for mounting when space is constraint

  • Wide-Band Coverage

    These two-way radios provide wide band capability for users requiring a large range of frequencies. VHF is 136-174 MHz, and UHF is 400-470 MHz, 450-500 MHz, 470-520 MHz,350-400MHz and 440-470MHz

  • Powerful audio

    HYT’s voice compander audio enhancement and a powerful 13W external speaker will provide superb clear, crisp sound, even in noisy environments

  • Built-in Scrambler

    Maintaining private and secure communications is increasingly important, with potentially sensitive information flowing back and forth. The scrambler feature provides enhanced security for your important and private communications

  • HDC2400TM and HDC1200 signalling

    The HDC2400TM signalling is exclusive to HYT, and contributes to the system to achieve features including ANI (Automatic Number Identification), Individual Call, Group Call, Broadcast, Kill, Short Message and Data Transmission

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