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Tait TP9310 DMR Portable Radio

NZD1288.00 inc GST (NZD1120.00 + GST) All prices on this website are in NZD

Tait Tough DMR Portable Terminals

Tait announces the release of their entry-level DMR portable radios. These highly-rugged digital terminals are based on the proven Tait 9300 series and continue the "Tait Tough" ethos for durability.

Designed to be simple to use and highly flexible, the release of these new radios which support analogue and DMR tier II voice communications as standard, are ideal for business-critical applications. These entry-level, dual-mode analogue and DMR tier II radios are based on the open DMR standard providing choice and interoperability for users.


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Available in 136-174MHz, 400-470MHz or 450-520MHz

Rugged IP67
2400mAh Li-Ion battery with belt clip
Lone worker and man down included
GPS capable (requires software option)
Roaming between analogue and digital channels
16 channels / talk groups
Hi-visibility colours available - additional cost applies



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