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Trunking System

A Trunking radio network system is a more advanced radio network, typically for much larger or high-usage operators

The network basically comprises of a number of repeaters interfaced together at a single site, although multiple sites are also possible. Digital radios are becoming more prevelant and most networks will handle these.

Trunking network systems offers far more flexibility over a conventional repeater system. The limitations of a conventional repeater system are that they use a single radio channel which when busy can not be used by other radios, who subsequently have to wait for the channel to become free. It is therefore essential that such systems maintain a strict operating procedure to ensure conversations are kept as short as possible to free up the radio channel for other users. A trunked radio system overcomes this problem by having multiple channels available for use simultaneously - if a channel is busy the system will switch to another. 

While there are many trunking networks available, a widely used common system is offered under the MPT 1327 protocol - this is an operating procedure that allows any MPT 1327 equipment to integrate together regardless of the manufacturer.