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Mobile Systems Limited are specialists in supplying, installing and servicing mobile and portable communication equipment in your fleet, be it vehicle, machinery or equipment. Mobile Systems specialise in mobile communication systems and operate sales and support services from our premises based in Mount Maunganui. We supply and service the greater Bay of Plenty, Coromandel, Volcanic Plateau and Eastern Waikato regions and we are a supplier of the Tait, Hytera, Motorola, Icom, GME and Uniden Communications ranges of mobile and portable two-way radio equipment. We also sell and service many different brands that help you with your general mobile communications needs no matter what technology or network you are using. Mobile Systems aims to be New Zealand's best mobile communciations provider. [read more..]

Mobile Systems are specialists at in-vehicle communications equipment installations including:

Mobile Systems stock a range of brands of equipment and accessories including:


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Tait Two Way Radios

Mobile Systems supply Tait Mobile Radios and Tait Handheld Radios. Check out the new Tait two-way portable radio built to military standards and available in VHF and UHF radio bands. Analogue or P25 or DMR digital 16 channel VHF to 128 channel VHF bush radios. 16 channel to 128 channel UHF radios. In-vehicle Mobile Radios are supported by the Tait TM8200 series of radios from the 10 channel TM8110 VHF to the 1500 channel TM8255 VHF radios. 10 channel UHF to 1500 channel UHF mobile radios. Mobile Systems offer a complete service Tait two-way radio repair and service including trouble shoorting, diagnosis and antenna specification and tuning. All Tait two-way radios for sale and an extensive range of radios for hire. TWO-WAY handheld radios for hire! Tait accessories available including Tait batteries, Tait speaker microphone, and tait audio equipment for sale. A complete range of Tait mobile radio microphones for sale. Tait two way radios for hire. Hire radios NZ, Rental Radios NZ. Hire these for a day or long term at great rates. You can also hire a range of accessories to suit the running of your event. Buy Tait Radios.

Marine VHF Radios and Safety Equipment

Mobile Systems provide and service marine navigational equipment including GPS chartplotters, radar systems. VHF marine radio equipment including antenna testing and tuning. Marine safety devices such as EPIRBs and PLBs to help keep you safe on the water. Buy Marine Radios.

HYT Two Way Radios & Hytera Two Way Radios

Mobile Systems supply HYT Mobile Radios and HYT Handheld Two-Way Radios. Check out the extensive range of HYT  VHF and UHF radios built to assist you while on the move. These two-way radios are available in VHF and UHF radio bands. 16 channel VHF to 128 channel VHF radios. Analogue and dmr or P25 digital 16 channel to 128 channel UHF radios. Mobile Systems offer a complete service Icom two-way radio repair and service including trouble shoorting, diagnosis and antenna specification and tuning. All HYT radios and Hytera radios for sale. HYT walkie talkie accessories available including HYT batteries, HYT speaker microphone, and HYT audio equipment for sale. A complete range of HYT mobile radio microphones for sale. Buy Hytera Radio.

Icom Two Way Radios

Mobile Systems supply Icom two-way radios. Popular models include the new IC-F1000 and IC-F2000 along with VHF marine radios.

GME PRS Radios

Mobile Systems supply GME PRS two-way radios. Popular models include the TX670 2 watt, TX685 3 watt and TX6150 5 watt hand-helds and the GME TX3100 vehicle model. The NEW TX685 and TX6150 radios offer great durabilty with great performance. They are waterproof and have class leading battery capacity making them ideal as bush radios. Buy CB Radios.

Uniden PRS Radios

Mobile Systems supply Uniden PRS two-way radios. Popular models include the UH720sx 2 watt UH076sx 5 watt hand-helds and the Uniden UH7700 vehicle model. Buy Uniden Radios.

LED Signs

Variable message LED Signs NZ, VMS sign boards, or variable message signs NZ. Available for custom fitting, hirage, to purchase. Portable and Permanent LED Signage. J1LED. Vermac. These signs are typically used by roading contractors to warn motorists of road conditions, roadworks, etc.

Sonim Smartphones

Sonim indestructable ultra rugged android smartphones.

Push Wireless National Digital Network

Push Wireless is New Zealand's latest national DMR digital radio network. When you are looking to link up your fleet everywhere in the country, choose Push Wireless and take advantage of a digital networks capabilties. CLICK HERE to see more details on the latest radio network to hit New Zealand. The DMR radio network is a collaboration of a number of radio retailers and service businesses represented in every region of NZ.

RF Connectors

Find top quality RF connectors available in New Zealand from Mobile Systems Limited. Available online. Buy RF Connectors.

Portable PA Systems

Chiayo portable PA systems (Public Address) complete with battery power and choices of handheld microphones and lapel microphones with belt packs. Ideal for lifting your voice in front of a crowd. Buy PA Systems.

Cellular Signal Boosters / Cellular Signal Amplifiers

Nextivity Inc. develops the award-winning Cel-Fi products that optimize cellular coverage in enterprise, business, residential, and transportation applications. Cel-Fi products are self-configuring, carrier-approved, and unconditionally network safe; leveraging the IntelliBoost chipset to deliver the industry’s highest gain at the lowest cost per square foot. Cel-Fi is authorized by 200 carriers.

Celfi solutions optimize cellular coverage while improving voice quality and data speeds.

Celfi products are ideal for enterprise environments, small businesses, multi-story homes, remote settings, marine, and vehicles. Cel-Fi is unconditionally network safe, as it prevents interference with mobile operator networks.

If you have questions regarding Celfi for you, please contact Rae at

Protos Safety Helmets

The Protos® Integral is not an ordinary headprotection – it is the only one of its kind in terms of limitless comfort! The brilliant solutions provided by the Protos® Integral are registered by 10 international patents. The Protos® Integral is at least 10 steps ahead of requirements.


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