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Vital UHF Digital Trunking Network

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Vital (formerly TeamTalk and CityLink) has delivered a wide range of innovative services, transforming the way we do business and enabling critical communications across the country. Vital aims to provide the most connected, seamless, integrated networks and absolute coverage even in the most remote locations.


Digital provides flexibility to make one-to-one calls or
communicate instantly with an entire work-group at
the touch of a button.

Worker Safety

Vital Digital network supports worker safety features
including emergency calling, man-down, and lone
worker. With GPS location services linked to these
features, the location and nature of the emergency
can be easily ascertained, and help dispatched


Vital Digital network is IP-based, making it easier to
interconnect business enhancing data services and

Business Continuity

When emergencies and disasters strike, radio
networks are often more reliable and robust than
cellular networks as they do not get overwhelmed
with traffic from the public and generally have back-
up power supply.

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Terminal pricing

·        Group and one-to-one calls  

3 year fixed contract

$39.00 per terminal per month

Open term contract

$49.00 per terminal per month

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