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Kirisun Portable PTToC Radio - W60

NZD872.85 inc GST (NZD759.00 + GST) All prices on this website are in NZD

Kirisun W60 Portable 3G PTToC Radio

PoC is a service that provides push to talk communications via a celluar network or WIFI network.

Users can make calls without coverage issues. Kirisun provides an end to end PoC solution including portable radio, mobile radio, PoC platform and dispatch system.

Application Scene: Security, Logistics, Taxi, Retail, Hotel, Oil.

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  • Wide coverage with carrier network

Extend your push to talk service to anywhere with carrier 3G network coverage

  • LED Display

Bring your convenient operation

  • Build-in WIFI

Connection with WFI network to provide reliable communication with no data cost

  • Build-in Bluetooth

Easy to access Bluetooth speaker to improve the efficiency

  • GPS positioning

The build-in GPS supports outdoor positioning and dispatching. An additional monthly fee is payable to run the positioning software.

  • Software upgrade via OTA

Easy upgrade the new feature via web management platform

  • Multiple function

Support voice services (all call, group call, individual call), text message, tone alert

  • Advanced signaling service

Support radio kill, radio stun, radio revive and radio monitor

  • Real-time availability

Support real-time contacts status

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How Does LTE Work?

Limitless Technology Equipment combines the well established 3G and 4G mobile phone network with "push-to-talk" convenience. Now, your 2-way radio communications can go WAY beyond your site, premises and even your town, city, or the whole country at no additional cost.


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