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Kirisun DP405 DMR Portable Radio

NZD632.50 inc GST (NZD550.00 + GST) All prices on this website are in NZD

Kirisun DP405 DMR Portable Radio

DP405 is a compact two-way radio that provides professional communication and is easy to operate. Provide clear voice and high performance, ideal for everyday business communications.

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  • Voice Annunciation

Channel number, zone change will be announced by voice. This helps operation under low visibility. This annunciation can be customized by the user.

  • Clear and Loud Voice in Compact Size Device

The good audio quality provided by DMR technology and a 1W high-power loudspeaker. Make it possible to hear loud and clear even in noisy environments.

  • DMO Support

Provide Direct Mode Operation in 2 slots increasing channel capacity without increasing channel frequency spectrum.

  • Analog, Digital and Mixed Modes

DP405 is able to detect signal type when receiving a call and automatically switch between analog and digital mode. The user can reply during the call hang time using PTT. This feature improves migration from analog to digital.

  • Long Operation Time

TDMA technology and power-saving feature enable the battery to work longer. DP405 with standard 2000mAH battery can work up to 15-18 hours in 5-5-90 mode.

  • Digital Encryption

It supports ARC 40-bit encryption, which guarantees communication safety and improves communication privacy. Encryption function provides further protection against over-the-air interception.

  • Various Digital Signaling

It supports features such as Radio Check, Call Alert, Stun/Revive, Radio Kill, and Remote Monitor, which make the radio management easy.

  • Man Down (optional).

It supports Man Down to guarantee user’s safety at all times.

  • Pseudo Trunk

This feature can improve frequency efficiency by allocating the free slot to a member and helps you to communicate timely in an emergency.

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