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GME CM40 Commercial Radio

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The CM40 is supplied pre-enabled with 80CB/PRS open channels and can support an additional 119 private (commercial frequency) channels.

With a maximum power output of 5W, the CM40 is ideal for entry-level commercial  and low transmit power applications.

Designed, engineered and manufactured in Australia, the CM40 is super compact and comes standard as a complete kit with an IP67 waterproof and dust resistant fist microphone, mounting bracket and 3M DC lead. The CM40 also features a high contrast 11 digit LCD display, 3W speaker and B&C rear connector.

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5 Watt (max) Transmission Power
UHF 450 - 520 MHz
80 CB / PRS Pre-Enabled Channels
5 Tone Selcall
199 Total Channel Capacity
MDC 1200 Compatible
10 Zones
In The Box:
    • 5W Commercial Analogue Mobile Radio (CM40)
    • Heavy Duty, IP67 Fist Mic (MP600B)
    • 3M DC Lead (LE09)
    • Mounting Bracket (MB009)
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