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GME XRS-BT1 Connect Bluetooth Interface Wireless PTT

NZD228.85 inc GST (NZD199.00 + GST) All prices on this website are in NZD

GME XRS-BT1 Bluetooth Interface Module & Wireless Push-to-Talk (PTT)

Introducing the all-new XRS-BT1

The XRS-BT1 is an interface module providing full Bluetooth audio connectivity and wireless PTT (Push-to-Talk) functionality to the full range of XRS Connect UHF CB Radios.

Bluetooth audio connectivity allows the XRS-BT1 to wirelessly connect to an extensive range of third-party audio accessories including headphones, hearing aids, and vehicle stereo systems, providing users with new and improved ways to stay connected.

Included in the kit is an adjustable steering wheel clamp which provides a simple mounting solution for the IP67 wireless PTT button and a wired hands-free microphone with a 1.8 metre cable for easy mounting options.

The PTT clamp design provides access to the battery without the need to remove from the steering wheel, plus, the PTT can also be removed from the clamp and mounted to an alternative location using the dash mount kit supplied.



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Key Features

  • Bluetooth Wireless Technology - Audio and Data
  • Connect to Compatible Bluetooth Audio Devices
  • Wireless Push-to-Talk
  • Adjustable Steering Wheel Clamp
  • IP67 Ingress Protection (XRS-PTT)
  • Wired Push-to-Talk Input


In the Box

  • Bluetooth Interface Module
  • Wireless PTT and Steering Wheel Clamp (XRS-PTT)
  • Pillar Mount Microphone (MC014)
  • PTT Dash Mount Kit
  • 2mm Silicone Sleeve



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