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Motorola M930 Car-Truck Phone

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The Motorola M930 In-vehicle Phone

Designed specifically for permanent placing in your vehicle, the Motorola M930 is the epitome of vehicular mobile phone technology...

This Phone is no longer available...

Please CLICK THIS LINK for a suitable replacement

A stylish fixed GSM mobile phone, the M930 offers easy installation and exceptional convenience. A large display and oversized keyboard make the M930 extremely easy to use, even whilst driving. The M930 comes in a single unit and attaches to your vehicle's interior via a single mount. The M930 also offers one button tap and speak for voice dialing of stored numbers adding to road safety.

These phones are the GSM equivalent to the Motorola M800 car phones that we have all grown to love and appreciate.

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Why the Motorola M930? 

It has the following features that make it a much better proposal compared with standard cell phones:

  • Hardwired into your vehicle for permanent power and is always available for use
  • Fixed mounted and cannot be removed from your vehicle
  • Designed for the vibrations and higher noise levels in a truck environment and will last much longer than standard cellphones
  • An external speaker to assist with hearing the caller clearly
  • An external microphone that can be fitted near your head to provide handsfree operation
  • 2 watt power output versus 0.5 watt from a standard cellphone greatly improving cellular network coverage
  • External antenna option which greatly improves reception and minimizes dropped calls
  • All standard cellphone features available such as texting, contacts as well as voice recognition dialing


A rebate may apply based on your network plan with vodafone or telstraclear

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