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Chiayo Challenger 1000 - Class D Portable PA System

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Chiayo Challenger 1000 - Class D

The Chiayo Challenger 1000 features a powerful 200 watt amplifier and 2 way speaker system. This unit is suited to larger gatherings up to 300 people indoors and outdoors, sports clubs, schools, corporate events, trade shows, shopping centres, etc 

The Challenger has a retractable handle and trolley wheels for easy portability.

This unit is supplied with 1 x 16 channel receiver and built-in Bluetooth digital recorder and playback module. New bluetooth module pictured below...


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Challenger Class D

  • 115W RMS Amplifier (200w music)
  • Full range 2 way speaker system (10" with tweeter)
  • Multi channel wireless micophone receiver (Can take up to 4 mic receivers)
  • Bluetooth receiver for music connection
  • Digital recorder and playback built in (record speeches to SD card or USB)
  • One fixed microphone input, line in, line out and voice priority switch
  • Automatically mutes music when microphones are used
  • Long battery life from heavy duty rechargeable batteries built in (greater than 6 hours music and greater than 10 hours speech)
  • CD/MP3 player with USB memory stick input built in
  • Retractable handle and trolley built in


These units are repeater ready. A wireless repeater system allows additional speakers to be easily added without having to use any wires. The integrated speaker system allows the use of multiple slave speakers spaced approximately 100m apart via a wireless link. 

A line-out connection allows the attachment of a wired separate speaker without having to use repeater units.


This Product Item Includes:

C1000-D(DB    Chiayo C1000D Portable PA System
                      1 x Wireless Receiver Module
                      1 x Digital recorder and player (SD and USB)
                      1 x Bluetooth streamer

Optional Extras:

SM-6100-IRDA      Beltpack wireless microphone with lapel mic        $346+GST
SQ-6100-IRDA      Wireless microphone 100 channel handheld        $346+GST
WH20                      Headset microphone                                                   $251+GST
DC-40                     Weather and dust protector cover                              $   68+GST
ST50                        Black aluminium Tripod speaker stand (35mm)   $   77+GST
SDR-5100M-IRDA     100 channel receiver module                                $260+GST
C1000-SLAVE             Slave speaker                                                         $1477+GST

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