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Texas Ranger TRE-936FFC 40 Channel AM CB Radio

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Texas Ranger Elite TRE-936FFC

Sorry, we have sold out of Texas Ranger CBs. We are endeavouring to find a suitable replacement, however for now, these are no longer available.
The Texas Ranger Elite TRE-936FFC is one of the latest radios featuring the "new circuit design" concept by Ranger Communications.   Built with ruggedness, durability and reliability in mind, this model will answer your needs for a high performance radio for those interested in AM only operation.

The TRE-936FFC features Ranger Exclusive new Advanced Noise Filter Circuit for improved signal to noise ratio, providing high noise rejection capability. This one works! You will instantly notice marginal signals pop in better when you turn on the switch and listen to your reception with a quieter signal.

Alternatives to the Texas Ranger TRE936 AM Truckies CB Radio are: GME TX2700 Radio, GME GX300 CB Rasio, Uniden PRO630 XL Radio, Uniden PRO530 XL AM CB Radio

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Combined with the Noise Blanker and the Automatic Noise Limiter, this has to be the quietest mobile station.

*  Built-in 6 Digit Frequency Counter
*  Quality Chrome Face & Case
*  Blue LED Display
*  Frequency Display On/Off Switch
*  2 Digit Channel Indicator
*  Variable Dimmer Control
*  PA/CB Switch
*  2 Color Xmit/Rcv Indicator
*  Advanced Noise Filter Circuit Switch
*  Automatic Noise Limiter / NB Switch
*  Illuminated S/RF/SWR Meter w/ Blue lamp
*  S/RF/SWR Switch
*  Roger Beep Switch
*  Adjustable Volume/Squelch Control
*  External PA Jack
*  External Speaker Jack
*  RF Gain/SWR/Cal Switch
*  RF Gain Control
*  Tone Switch
*  Variable Talk Back
*  Mic Gain Control
*  Dynamic Mike Included
*  Built in Voltage Overload Protector Circuitry
*  Switch for Instant Access to Channel 19
Width = 19.7cm
Depth = 22.2 cm
Height = 5.7 cm

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