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Pacific Aerials SeaMaster Pro 1.8m VHF Antenna

NZD98.90 NZD155.25 inc GST (NZD86.00 + GST) All prices on this website are in NZD

1.8m VHF antenna P6101. A superb performer. First choice for smaller sized boats

Pro Series Antennas are a breakthrough: the only marine antennas in the world which can be removed and remounted on the boat at the user's convenience. The cable is hardwired to the Pro Series mount, so the antenna can be removed without pulling or cutting the cable.

SeaMaster Pro Series antennas are an excellent choice for new installations on small to medium sized boats. Robust, reliable and good looking, they will provide outstanding performance for years.

SeaMaster Pro Series antennas must be used with SeaMaster Pro Series Mounts, which give the options of side, deck or rail mounting your antenna.

Frequency VHF 156-162 MHz
Radome Ultraglass
Ferrule Nylon
Antenna Type Half wave
Gain 3dBi
"Marine Gain" 6dB
Typical VSWR at 156.8 MHz 1.2:1
DC Meter Reading Open Circuit
Height 1.8m
Product Code P6101

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  • An ideal choice for motor boats 4-6m long, where a 2.5m antenna would look oversized.

  • Unique Pro Series design allows the antenna to be removed and remounted at your convenience.

  • Outanding electrical performance.

  • Half-wave design produces a radiation pattern which is especially suitable for small boats.

  • UltaGlass stands up to high UV and harsh marine environments for years.

  • The FastFit jack (P1212) on the Pro Series mounts makes installation a breeze.

  • A FastFit UHF plug (P1217) is supplied with the Pro Series mount and simply screws onto the FastFit jack.

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