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MSL Variable Message Sign - 1.3m x 1.55m

NZD22425.00 inc GST (NZD19500.00 + GST) All prices on this website are in NZD

The MSL-VMS155 is a 1.3m x 1.55m trailer-mounted portable variable message sign. This unit combines energy-efficient design and high-quality construction to provide the most reliable and cost-effective message sign on the market.


Screen reslution 96 x 80 pixels ( W x H )
Display area 1536 x 1280 mm
3 LEDs per pixel
Total of 23,040 Amber LEDs (14 mills)


8 x 120 AHr Batteries
Total of 960 AHr

Solar Panels

3 panels of 150W each totalling 450W


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  • Designed to run 12 months in most regions without manual charging
  • Various configurations of solar panels and batteries are available


  • Powder coating superior finish - Impact, humidity, salt spray and rust resistant
  • 4 leveling jacks - for stabilization and easy transportation
  • Lockable control box - for security


  • Highway construction
  • Department of Transportation
  • City and County
  • Smart Work Zone
  • Special events


  • Display panel: 1300 mm x 1550 mm
  • 3 LEDs per pixel
  • Display sign rotates 360 degrees for perfect setting
  • Plug & play display modules for simplified maintenance


  • Overall length :        3000 mm
  • Overall width :         1820 mm
  • Traveling height:      2900 mm
  • Operating height :    2900 mm
  • Axle/suspension:  ? kg
  • Weight (approx):     934 kg

  *options are available to meet your needs


  • 1-year warranty on complete trailer
  • 2-year warranty on electronics


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