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Mobile One SCATXP

NZD86.25 inc GST (NZD75.00 + GST) All prices on this website are in NZD

The 1050mm SCATXP is designed especially for UHF Commercial Bands, Hi and low VHF Commercial Bands scanning, and in some cases can also be used as a transmitting antenna on the following frequencies 415MHz 4.5dB gain, 164MHz 2.14dB gain, 73MHz unity gain and 40MHz 1/4 wave, the SCATXP is resonant at these frequencies with a SWR <1.5:1.

Note: You should NOT use a spring with this antenna.
Note: This antenna put on a magnet mount placed upside down on the guttering of a house is a very simple and effective scanning antenna solution requiring nearly no effort at all.

Best Performance On:    35MHz to 55MHz    70MHz to 85MHz    118MHz To 136MHz = 2dB    460MHz to 480MHz = 4.5dB

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Type: Scanner Antenna
Length: 1050mm
Weight: 127g
Tuning: Factory preset
Frequency: 25MHz to 1.3gHz
Impedance: 50 ohms
Termination: 5/16" x 26tpi female
Application: Mobile or Base

Transmit Frequencies
UHF: 460-480MHz with 5dB Gain <1.5:1 SWR
VHF: 118-136MHz with 2dB Gain <1.5:1 SWR
VHF: 70-85MHz as a 1/4 Wave <1.5:1 SWR
HF:   35-55MHz Helical <1.5:1 SWR

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