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Interphone F5MC -Motorcycle Helmet Headset & Intercom

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A universal interphone F5MC motorcycle helmet headset with stereo Bluetooth® wireless intercom system offers versatile communication and entertainment features for touring and motorcycling in a group.

The F5MC supports rider communication between intercoms and telephones. The intercom range between the motorcyclists is surprisingly long and several intercoms can be connected simultaneously enjoying a conference mode.

The onboard entertainment features include an FM radio with RDS support and MP3 players. Wireless connections are made using the stereo Bluetooth® 3.0 technology with 2 audio and a remote controller profile. MP3 players without Bluetooth® can be cable connected to the headset.

The F5MC's compatible nature goes beyond other intercom brands offering one of the largest integration options. The headset remains on standby with a fully charged battery for almost a month, and in constant communication about 12 hours. The battery can be fully recharged in about 3 hours with a USB charger. The F5MC package includes no battery charger itself, but there are two USB cables which can be used with universal USB chargers up to 5V and 2Amps and there is no need to carry several chargers onboard.

The interphone F5MC motorcycle helmet headset can be installed into any kind of helmet as long as there is enough room for the speakers. The speakers are very slim and come with quick VELCO® fasteners for easy installation. The F5MC package offers two configuration alternatives with 2 types of microphones. The mic with the boom is designed for modular and open face helmets. The other microphone without the boom is used for full face and dual sport helmet configurations.

The interphone F5MC motorcycle helmet headset is compact and the main unit is IP67 waterproof. The functions are easily operated with 5 buttons and a simple logic menu loop. All the buttons are easily used with gloves. The operations are supported with text to speech TTS assistance and status announcements. This way the rider knows where`s what and which setup is now ready for selection and what settings are already activated. The audio management includes an automatic 2 way volume adjustment with digital noise reduction.

Headset Features

The interphone F5MC motorcycle helmet headset offers versatile wireless communication features with the Bluetooth® intercom. The range between intercoms can be up to 1,3kms in open terrain. If the connection breaks due to obstacles, the F5MC automatically reconnects to the lost intercom as soon as the coverage returns. The F5MC provides full duplex FDX communication to both directions simultaneously between 2 – 4 intercom units. The F5MC also pairs with other intercom brands. The F5MC has 2 pairing modes, intercom device and ANYCOM search mode which both automatically pair with a single intercom at a time as long as the pairing mode is activated on the opposite end.

A single interphone F5MC motorcycle helmet headset can be paired directly with 2 intercoms (conference of 3 intercoms) at a time and the 4th intercom must be paired with the 3rd in order to create a conference of 4 intercoms all together. Note that the direct connections are operating only within their maximum range which affects the order of how these 4 intercoms can be lined up on the road and how far away from each other. Only the 4th intercom can be outside the direct range of the 1st unit.

The interphone F5MC motorcycle helmet headset connects with mobile phones using the wireless Bluetooth® hands free profile – HFP and once the pairing is made, the F5MC will automatically connect to the phone and announce its connection. Incoming calls can be answered and ended simply with the MFB button, but also rejected and put into mute with the UP & DOWN buttons.

The phone feature supports the use of the phonebook, redialing the last number and voice dialing. A single F5MC unit can be connected to 2 mobile phones simultaneously, but only the first phone enjoys the full potential and the second phone can only receive calls. The rider can use the second phone manually from the phone buttons.

The interphone F5MC motorcycle helmet headset has 2 function setups for the phone and the rider can activate the voice assistance to read the caller ID from the phonebook, and to accept the incoming call by voice. When the rider is having a phone conversation, other intercoms can not interrupt or connect to the F5MC unit simultaneously.

The interphone F5MC motorcycle helmet headset can be Bluetooth® connected with a GPS navigator in order to receive navigational voice instructions. Those instructions are prioritized ahead of the intercom communication as long as the navigator supports the Bluetooth® hands free profile HFP. If a smartphone is used for navigation, the F5MC uses the entertainment profile to deliver the voice instructions.


The interphone F5MC motorcycle helmet headset has an integrated FM radio with RDS broadcast retuning feature. The RDS is quite useful while touring and saves the rider from retuning the stations along the ride.

The F5MC allows you to store 8 stations in memory. By pressing the UP or DOWN button available stations are explored step by step. Stored stations are browsed similarly with the UP or DOWN buttons by pressing slightly longer until a beep. The interphone F5MC motorcycle helmet headset automatically mutes the radio when a call comes in.

The interphone F5MC motorcycle helmet headset delivers stereo music from an MP3 player, GPS navigator or from a mobile phone. The music can be streamed wirelessly with the Bluetooth® entertainment and remote control profiles as long as they are supported by the source in question. Otherwise the music can be delivered with an auxiliary 2,5 / 3,5 mm. audio cable which comes in the STD package.

The speakers are thin enough and the quality of the sound good. The F5MC music mode and buttons provide the basic player functions (play, pause, next and previous) seamlessly. The interphone F5MC motorcycle helmet headset has a special music sharing mode which allows to deliver the music up to 2 intercoms simultaneously and start an intercom or phone conversation while listening to the music. The F5MC pauses the music and delivers automatically the intercom conversation, but the incoming phone calls must be accepted with the MFB button. The music returns automatically when the conversation ends.

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The key Interphone F5MC -helmet headset with Bluetooth® intercom features are:

  • Stereo Bluetooth® 3.0 technology
  • Intercom between 2-4 units
  • Intercom up to 1,3kms or 0.81mi
  • Automatic reconnection
  • ANYCOM pairing
  • GPS, mobile phone and MP3 compatible
  • 2,5/3,5 mm. AUX cable included
  • 2 USB charging cables included
  • Multilingual voice menu
  • Voice assistance
  • Text to speech TTS supported
  • Automatic voice response
  • Status announcements
  • LED status indicator
  • Automatic 2 way volume adjustment
  • Digital noise reduction
  • Call reject
  • Voice dial
  • Last number redial
  • Call waiting
  • FM radio with RDS
  • 8 stations memory
  • MP3 music streaming
  • Music sharing with intercom
  • 2 helmet configurations
  • 2 mounting options
  • 2 microphones
  • Standby approx. 700hours
  • Talk time approx. 12hours
  • 3hours recharge
  • Li-polymer battery
  • Weight 44 g. or 1.55 oz
  • IP67 water and dust proof
  • CE, FCC and IC approved

Interphone F5MC Motorcycle Helmet Headset Firmware

The Interphone F5MC -firmware can be updated only with a PC -computer and a separate management SW called SuperTooth Updater. After downloading the F5MC Handsfree Kit, installing the SuperTooth and the USB -drivers on the computer, the F5MC can be USB -connected to the PC for the upgrade. The SuperTooth provides simple straight forward instructions to run through the installation and the whole process takes only few minutes. The SuperTooth appears on the PC -menu with a name Interphone Update and new SW -versions can checked simply by connecting the Interphone F5MC -helmet headset to the computer and opening the program.

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