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The range of Bluetooth handsfree in-car kits which install in every car. Combine the latest communication technologies with a full set of services dedicated to voice and music. Once paired with your Bluetooth mobile phone, a bluetooth handsfree in-car kit enables you to establish in a few seconds any phone conversations in your vehicle without needing to handle the telephone, even leaving it in your pocket. Connection with your mobile is made in a completely transparent way. The user-independent voice recognition and voice synthesis are now integrated in most in-car kits, which dramatically ease the way of using them in every situation. And with the upper end models, all the connectors for any type of music are provided with each MKi handsfree in-car kit: iPod, iPhone, iTouch, USB keys, USB MP3 players, Bluetooth Stereo devices, CD players, MiniDisc…

Bury System 9 Base Unit

NZD72.00 + GST

Bury System 8 Base Unit

NZD328.00 + GST