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Bury System 8 Base Unit

$208.00 + GST ($239.20 inc GST) All prices on this website are in NZD

Bury System 8 Cartalk HANDSFREE Kit

Car Talk is the heart of Bury's most popular Universal System 8 hands free car kit.

The Bury System 8 kit comprises a base unit which is hardwired into your vehicle designed to hold the cradle. The Bury System 8 cradle is specific to your phone and clips into the base unit.

Once the System 8 base unit is installed, you can instantly change cradles without any tools or set up charges.

This item is the Bury System 8 Base Unit only.

Features include radio mute, choice of external speaker (included) or car audio speakers, external antenna connection, full duplex operation.

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  • Supports the charging function of your mobile phone

  • Provides a coupling to connect an external antenna to iImprove transmission and reception performance

  • Uses Bluetooth connectivity for clear audio



Each Take and Talk Bury System 8 requires two components... A base which allows for any System 8 cradle to fit into.  And a System 8 cradle specific to your mobile phone.

The price of a System 8 Base Unit is $208 + GST

Prices of System 8 Cradles are generally $226 + GST

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