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PROTOS Integral Industry Helmet

NZD267.95 inc GST (NZD233.00 + GST) All prices on this website are in NZD

PROTOS® Integral Industry Helmet

The Protos® Integral is not an ordinary head protection – it is the only one of its kind in terms of limitless comfort! The Protos® Integral is at least 10 steps ahead of requirements.

• A helmet for every application, the helmet for the hardest tasks.
• Safety & Comfort all the benefits from the 10 star system for the Protos Integral Forest, Climber and Arborist also apply to the Industry Helmet.
• The innovative inner materials together with air technology offers unbeatable value for the wearer – 5 year life!
• Active ventilation and an absolutely perfect grip at the top make everyday working life more pleasant.
• Further accessories such as a Plexiglas face shield made ​​of polycarbonate are available as well as integrated safety glasses.
• All accessories can be fitted to the Industry helmet.

Suitable for use in building construction and civil engineering, industry, channel and tunnel work, crane operation and much more. Upgrade possible with all accessories. With chin strap also as a bicycle helmet.

The PROTOS Integral helmet, certified according to EN397, EN352-3 and EN1731, is best suited for the hardest operations and the most extreme weather conditions, from cold and wet to hot and dry temperatures. Thanks to the excellent ventilation, the head remains cool and dry while the visor allows for maximum visibility with no risk of freezing in below freezing temperatures. The feature that makes the PROTOS Integral unique is the “Integral solution“. We have managed to integrate all parts inside the helmet shell. As a result there is no risk of getting hung up on branches, brush or other obstacles.

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