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Cel-Fi GO Mobile 40cm Spark

NZD1495.00 inc GST (NZD1300.00 + GST) All prices on this website are in NZD

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Spark requires that we fill out an application form for each Cel-Fi you purchase. We will only submit your Spark application/s after you have placed an order.

The application processing can take 5 to 10 working days.

The Cel-Fi GO for Spark Smart Repeater for voice and mobile data is the ideal product to boost and distribute a 3G/4G mobile signal in your vehicle, ute, 4WD or truck .

Supporting voice and mobile internet for multiple devices while you are on the move.


Mobile Unit – Designed for moving locations

  • Supports 3G (850) and 4G (700/1800) – only one band at a time
  • 70/100dB of system gain (latest software update required using WAVE App)
  • Includes external and internal antennas
  • Locked to the Spark Mobile Network
  • Carrier approved
  • Band Selection Button
  • Bluetooth WAVE App for iPhone, Android & Computers 
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Cel-Fi GO will boost a single band at a time: 3G(850) or 4G(700 or 1800). It is highly recommended to leave the GO in 3G mode to ensure voice calls are received. Voice on 4G (VoLTE) will only work in selected areas and with later model phones.


  • Cel-Fi GO Mobile for Spark
  • Blackhawk Antenna (698-960/1710-2170 MHz) Trucker Mini - black antenna (3/5dBi) - 40cm with 4m of PT240 cable (black)
  • Adhesive indoor antenna with 3m cable
  • Power Supply

Can I have multiple indoor antennas connected to the GO? 

Yes, you can. There may be rare occasions where a single service antenna (one that provides your phone with signal) is not adequate enough to cover an area. This could be due to the building size, structure or the fact you want signal inside and outside. Chat to our team if you would like to know more.

Mobile Systems offers a free consultation to anyone who needs help picking an appropriate antenna.

Email us at or call our office on (07) 575 2966 to discuss today!


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