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No matter what network you want to be on, whether it be Telecom, XT, Vodaphone, 2 degrees, Fleetlink or Action Net, Mobile Systems can supply and install your desired car phone so that you can drive safely and improve your communications while on the move.

There are many choices when it comes to in-vehicle charging, cradles and talk kits, both wired and wireless. Motorola car phones, Telit car phones (Roadstar and Roadrunner), Bury car phones.

Bluetooth devices are ideal to provide handsfree communication with your mobile phone while driving. You can choose between bluetooth interface devices such as Parrot, Bury and BlueAnt brands that will interface your mobile phone with your in-vehicle stereo. However, do not overlook the fact that it may be better for you to upgrade your stereo unit to one that already has these handsfree features built in.

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Telo TE390 LTE Handheld

NZD499.00 + GST

Bury CP1100 LTE Fixed Phone

NZD1298.00 + GST

Telit Roadstar 3.5G Car-Truck Phone

NZD580.00 + GST