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Tait TP3 TP9 mid-tier remote speaker microphone IP67

NZD171.35 inc GST (NZD149.00 + GST) All prices on this website are in NZD

Tait Waterproof Remote Speaker Microphone


This is a new mid-tier professional remote speaker microphione specifically developed for the Tait TP3300, TP9300, TP9400, TP9500 and TP9600 series portable radios.

Designed to provide reliable and high quality audio performance with these new Tait digital radios.


  • Rugged, dust proof and water submersible (IP67 rated with connector jack sealed)
  • Tait design water shedding grille and microphone
  • Large 360 degree rotating clip
  • Push to Talk button
  • Function button (programmable emergency button)
  • Digital and Analog compatible
  • 3.5mm connector plug for earpieces 
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Omnidirectional microphone with -45d +/- 3dB
Operational temperature: -20 deg C to 60 deg C
Storage temperature: -40 deg C to 80 deg C
Dimensions: Width = 60mm
Water shedding feature
Speaker impedance: 16 ohms
Speaker output: 1W
Connector jack: 3.5mm
Cable: Diameter 4mm, length 360mm extends to 800mm
Tait certified
IP rating: IP67
Product Code: T03-00045-NDCA   TSM3


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