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Replacement microphones and speaker microphonesare available for most brands of mobile and portable radio. Standard speaker microphones are available or you can choose depending on your requirements between noise cancelling and waterproof.

Icom F11 or F21 Microphone

NZD169.00 + GST

Tait Speaker Mic Genesis

NZD619.00 + GST

Uniden SM800 Speaker Mic

NZD69.56 + GST

Icom HM-153LA Earphone Mic

NZD135.00 + GST

Icom HS-94LWP Headset

NZD72.00 + GST

Icom HS-95LWP Headset

NZD365.00 + GST

Icom HS-97 Headset

NZD60.00 + GST

Icom VS-4LA Headset adapter

NZD100.00 + GST