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Hytera HM-782 DMR Digital Mobile Radio

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Superior Voice

The HM78X adops AL noise cancellation technology to filter out background nose (such as road noise), eliminate echoes, extract human voices from noise and reduce howling and exhalation sounds to close proximity. With this technology the radio provides crisper and clearer audio for the other party.

  • Clearer
  • Faster
  • Flexible

Operating modes

  • Conventional - Digital/analogue
  • digital trunking

Text message

  • private message
  • group message
  • quick text


  • IP transit
  • back to back
  • wireless link
  • clarity transmission

Voice Service

  •  private call
  • group call
  • all call


  • Emergency alarm
  • lone worker
  • authentication
  • over the air encryption


  • Public address
  • horn and lights
  • voice notify
  • ignition sense


  • alert call
  • remote monitor
  • enable/disable
  • radio check

Analogue Mode

  • 2-tone signaling
  • HDC1200
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  • Frequency Range - UHF: 350-470 MHz VHF: 136-174 MHz
  • VHF High power: 50W
  • VHF Low power:1.5W
  • UHF High power:45W
  • UHF Low power:1W
  • Channel Capacity: 1024
  • Zone Capacity: 64
  • Zone Channel: 256
  • Digital and Analogue
  • Weight: 1520g
  • Dimensions: 61.5x177x179mm
  • IP54
  • MIL-STD-810 G Standard
  • LCD Display: 2.4inch

In The Box

  • Conventional Palm Microphone W/O Keypad (SM16A1)
  • or Palm Microphone With Keypad (SM19A1) Additional Cost
  • Mounting Bracket (BRK08)
  • Power Cord (PWC10)
  • Fuse

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