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Tait Keypad Microphone TDMA

NZD244.95 inc GST (NZD213.00 + GST) All prices on this website are in NZD

Mobile radio keypad microphone

Suitable for Tait mobile radios, TM8100, TM8200, TM9300 series

Tait Product Codes = T02-00005-ABAA  -  TMAA02-08


• Twelve alphanumeric keys used to enter text and to dial numbers to make calls to other individual radios or groups, or to dial PABX or PSTN telephone numbers (if the network is configured to allow such calls)

• Two scroll keys (up/down) and left and right selection keys duplicate the keys on the control head, enabling you to navigate the radio menu and functions from a distance.

For use with: TM9300, TM9400, TM8000, TM9100, P25 TMX450 / Tait Unified Vehicle, DMR TMX450 / Tait Unified Vehicle

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