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Public Radio Channels Frequently Asked Questions
1 December 2019
Why Use PRS? PRS Radio's are small, lightweight and powerful PRS radio's are perfect to keep a group together, whether you're hiking, camping, at...
Public AM and FM Channels and Frequency List
1 December 2019
Public AM CB Channel & Frequency List Channel Frequency Channel ...
PRS Repeater Channels
21 November 2017
PRS Radio Repeater Channels in New Zealand Whangarei, Channel 6 - operating for about 5 years. Channel 1 Glenfield, Limited coverage, not...
Guidelines to Using Radios on Public Channels
1 September 2016
DO: Listen before transmitting. Always make sure the channel is clear before using, so as to avoid interference to others. Use accepted...
Blogs on two-Way Radios in 4WD Vehicles
18 March 2013
OffRoadExpress Forum on 2-Way Radios Adminw2: what radios do you use? do you use UHF CB radio? I'm wanting to buy one and currently have these:...
Blogs on PRS Radios - Mixed Uses
13 March 2013
OffRoadExpress Forum regarding PRS Radios HBpajero: has anyone got the latest GME unit prs? How does it compare to the Uniden? Is there any others...