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Pacific Aerials NEWSLETTER DECEMBER 2017
6 December 2017
Aucklanders have had an early Christmas present from the Mayor in the form of a promise to sting them for a fuel tax. A fuel tax is the rate increase...
GME Land Antenna Range
28 November 2017
477 MHz, 26 MHz, 27 MHz, mobile phone, AM/FM, antennas   Manufactured to exacting high standards to accessorise the GME range of market...
Antennas Fequently Asked Questions
1 September 2017
Frequently Asked Questions and Answers on Antennas and Aerials Does my magnetic-mount antenna need to be mounted vertically or can I mount it...
Antenna Information
1 September 2017
Groundplanes Explained A groundplane is a flat, electrically reflective surface that some antenna models need to be sited on to work properly. The...
How do antennas work
14 July 2017
Imagine holding out your hand and catching words, pictures, and information passing by. That's more or less what an antenna (sometimes called an...