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Blogs on two-Way Radios in 4WD Vehicles
18 March 2013

OffRoadExpress Forum on 2-Way Radios

Adminw2: what radios do you use?
do you use UHF CB radio? I'm wanting to buy one and currently have these:
do i just need to look for another one the same (UHF CB?) but higher wattage and vehicle powered? Thanks

Smurf: yep, you need a UHF base unit to work with those. AM CB is no use

Skid: dont piss around with weak handhelds dude, one of these is what you're after, you won't find it cheaper anywhere else................ ... 231126.htm
or the offroad aerial version like I recently bought....... ... 559915.htm

Adminw2: Congratulations on your purchase.


skid: Arrrg, I hate the fact that people call UHF radios CB's   
Yet Wiki calls them a UHF CB, and a CB. It's actually more like this:
CB stands for Citizens Band which is an AM frequency 27MHz.
These are what the truckies use, they have a really awesome range,!!!!!
PRS radios are the little hand helds and tiny base sets that we all have these days. These all use UHF 477 MHz, which is obviously different from the citizens band (CB) frequency. The PRS radios have a very average range compared to the CB radios, but offer more channels, some form of privacy and repeater capability.
Someone else might put it in better words. I have both in my truck

Skid: DB is having his period again its been a month since his last outburst

Adminw2: Well thankyou for the clarification, maybe something on this could be put into an article in the tech library or similar? would help  rage  quit posts and n00bies like myself   ??

T-Boon: Curious as to whats the difference between ... 563782.htm
and ... 559917.htm
Is it just the CB and UHF ? is one better than the other etc ?
Taz01: heres something to think over uhf (prs) is good for 1-3 ks in dense bush however if you have cb (26mhz) range is way more the main coms to have is uhf even a handheld cheapy is better than none ...all depends on how deep ya
pockets are but at some stage your best to go cab mount radio and later down the track id suggest a cb as well a few of us in welly use em,handy on road trips yap to the truckies for road conditions ahead get what you can afford and upgrade as funds allow..............

Albundy: yep, got both myself, wouldn't be without them. Got a heads up from a truckie the other day of cops on the highway going over to the coast. Al

DieselBoy: Yeah, we were heading down to Nat Park and got the heads up on a couple of speed camera's and crash from the truckies. 
The AM CB has a HUGE range compared to the the 5w PRS. The PRS almost seems to be line of sight.

Swaney: Silly question for a radio techie.. are these illegal in NZ? (I assume they are as they work on the 400 - 469.995MHz range).
They are cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeap (like $100 for both)
I realise they wont commicate with other CB UHF's but for the front truck and rear truck to have one on a trip its a dirt cheap setup option.
Long Range Walkie Talkie Set (UHF, 220v)
This premium two-way communication set consists of a pair of powerful walkie talkies, also known as HT's (handheld transceivers) that allow for instant communication without the need of cellphone coverage or monthly service fees.
These walkie talkies are the ideal communication device for maintaining contact in many jobs and situations including;
* Building Security Teams
* Campus Maintenance Crews
* Police Departments
* Fire Departments
* Bike Couriers
* Trade Shows and Exhibit Events
* Wilderness areas where phones do not work
* Overseas holiday travel where using a phone may be expensive or troublesome
While very easy to use, these two-way radio walkie talkies are very powerful short-range voice communication devices. They have multiple benefits over cellular phones including - Instant Communication, Easy to Talk with Multiple People at the Same Time, Free to Use, No SIM Card or Monthly Fees Required, and much more. With the ability to talk with 2 or 200 people at once, and not
needing to pay any kind of monthly fees like with cell phones, you can see why many businesses have chosen to use two-way radios to keep in contact with employees and security personnel.
These walkie talkies are the most reliable, convenient, and at the same time the most economical way to keep in touch with other members of your team. They come complete with rechargeable batteries + charging stations and easy to follow instructions so you can start using them within minutes of receiving
your package. If you need always available two-way communication, don't wait any longer, click "add to cart" to get your two-way radios today. These professional grade walkie talkies come with our full 12 month guarantee and are in stock now.
At a Glance...
* Powerful pair of walkie talkie handsets
* VOX function for true hands-free communication
* Uses open UHF radio frequencies
* Easy to use and highly reliable
* Durable construction can withstand mild impacts
Manufacturer Specifications
* Product Description: Walkie Talkie Set
* Output Power: 5W
* Frequency Range (UHF): 400 - 469.995 MHz
* Communication Range: 3-5KM+
* Stored Channels: 199
* Antenna Impedance: 50 Ohms
* Inter-Modulate Noise Assistance: Above 50dB
* Power Source: Rechargeable NiMh Battery
* Charging Station Power Supply: 220V
* Dimensions (with antenna on): 102mm x 55mm x 33mm (H x W x D)
* Manufacturer Ref: TXR55F4C4Q4

Adminw2: UHF CB is a class-licensed (meaning licence-free use for most users) citizen's band radio service authorised by the governments of Australia and New Zealand in the UHF 477 MHz
Other similar personal radio services used in other countries do not share the same band plan, power
output, channels etc. as UHF CB. It is usually illegal to use these systems in Australia and New Zealand
because they will interfere with other licensed services. Care must be taken with radios imported from
overseas to ensure they comply with local regulations.
Gimmemud: What those don't say is that you have to buy a licence to use them. There are a few repeaters over the country that those are used for for police, fire etc, and companies can also purchase licences for their own channels. You can legally listen to all the channels but are not allowed to transmit on them without a licence.

Adminw2: gotta say that my brand spanking TX3100 is AWESOME!
Patroler: I remember driving into the MaCaulay years ago at night, we already had a crew at the hut, but the guys who I was leading in could hear me talking on the uhf but they couldn't hear the others talking to me...this was just after crossing the MaCaulay towards Lillybank. Mines a 5w Uniden Sundowner.
Got the am as well but haven't used it for yonks. Can someone remind me what channel the truckies use???

Adminw2: -- in New Zealand The CB frequencies, modulation, and power limits are the same as the 26-27 MHz CB band in the USA and Australia.
The following frequencies have special uses in New Zealand:
Channel 5 European call (USB)
Channel 11 truckers' channel (AM)
Channel 15 AM calling
Channel 35 SSB calling

Badnuz: gezz reading that add for the HT radios i would expect a free set of Ginzu steak knives

Taz01: truckies use ch 11 and 08 
ssb on mine talk to oz from lower hutt when skips running not bad on a 8ft whip......



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