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What is Tait UnifyVehicle
5 July 2017
Mobile radios have sat in the vehicles of Mission Critical users for decades. While there have been some advances, most mobiles are still primarily used for voice.
That is, until now.
The revolutionary Tait UnifyVehicle solution is redefining critical communications. We’ve supercharged the mobile radio with connectivity and computing power, unlocking capabilities that were only dreamed about in the past.
We like to describe it as three things:
1. A powerful multi bearer critical-communications platform designed to improve worker safety.
2. A mobile hotspot that gives you access to the web, even to the edge of coverage.
3. An open platform for running or building applications that increase efficiency.
The following video explains how it works with stories. Make sure you watch it, or you can read the rest of the transcript below.
Click on the link below to learn more.

If you’d like to learn more about Tait UnifyVehicle, or how Tait can help unify your critical communications, then contact us today. We’ll connect you to an industry expert and we’d love to hear about the problems your trying to solve.
You can also download our Whitepaper on Unifying your Critical Communications.
So let’s talk about how UnifyVehicle’s multi-bearer capabilities keep you connected like never before. As you might expect, UnifyVehicle allows you to communicate with dispatch and fellow workers through digital radio. But it can also communicate through cellular and satellite.
This means that, no matter where you’re located, odds are you will be able to connect through one of those bearers. 
UnifyVehicle also acts as a relay, which means you are no longer tied to the radio microphone in your vehicle. You can connect remotely via the smartphone app and WiFi.
Suppose a lone worker, Ralph is out in a rural area performing some inspections. It’s all routine, until he decides to get out of the car to take a closer look. When a rock slips below his feet, Ralph injures his knee and cannot walk. Since he can’t get back to his mobile radio in the truck, Ralph pulls out his phone to call for help. Unfortunately, there is no service and he is stuck until someone drives by.
Conversely, with UnifyVehicle Extend App, when Ralph pulls out his smartphone, he simply needs to open the Tait Extend application. He pushes the PTT button, and is instantly connected through his mobile radio to dispatch. Help is sent much more quickly, and Ralph is in pain for a much shorter amount of time.
Back to number 2: UnifyVehicle can also act as a mobile hotspot that gives you access to the web, even to the edge of coverage. Most mission critical workers are equipped with a smartphone that connects into a 3G or LTE network. This gives them access to many applications that can increase productivity, allowing them to take their office with them wherever they go.
The only problem is, they don’t actually have service wherever they go. Smartphones have weak antennas and therefore do not have the kind of range you get with a mobile radio. UnifyVehicle, however, solves this problem. The powerful receiver is able to connect to data networks in places that smartphones cannot. As long as your smartphone is connected to UnifyVehicle via WiFi, then you will have access to 3G and LTE, even to the edge of coverage.
And number three: UnifyVehicle provides an open platform for running or building applications that increase efficiency. Tait can provide several applications for users, such as the Extend Application, or the ability to run OTAP over WiFI, or a Voice Recorder, or Asset Management via Bluetooth.
But here’s the thing, because we chose to give UnifyVehicle an open platform, open APIs, and a software development kit, then you can actually create applications for your own business. Dealers, users, IT departments, anyone with a creative mind or an eye for solving problems can create an application, just like they do with smartphones.
So let’s combine the last two points in another scenario. Suppose Officer Taylor is out on patrol. She’s got a few reports to write, but after a rural investigation, the office is 45 minutes away due to traffic. She could drive back, but that will mean less time on patrol and protecting the community.
Instead, she is able to use her laptop device, which is connected via wifi to the UnifyVehicle LTE, and file her reports from her stationary vehicle. She can load text, images, and even video through an application designed by a local dealer. Once she hits submit, she starts the car moving again so she can return to patrol while her reports load. Saving 15-45 minutes every day can drive significant efficiency and increase the amount of time officers on the street.
So if you’re looking to keep your workers connected like never before, if you want a vehicle area network for your staff, and you want access to limitless possibilities and applications, then it’s time to supercharge your critical communications.
So hey, let’s talk about Tait UnifyVehicle.


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