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New GME Water & Dust proof compact hand held UHF CB Radios
11 July 2013

Introducing the new TX685 & TX6150 compact 3 and 5 watt UHF CB hand held radios from GME. These Australian designed radios are built rugged and are the first water and dust proof radios available with a 24 hour battery life* – ideal for the harsh New Zealand environment.

Tough enough to rinse under the tap after a muddy day on the farm or, if you’re a little more adventurous, small enough to fit in a jacket pocket hiking or 4WDriving with your mates.

These rugged radios are packed with a range of innovative software and hardware features in scanning and memory, signal processing and privacy, ensuring consistent reliable communications even in the most extreme conditions.

With a range of high quality accessories, these radios are even suitable for reliable team communication within construction and maintenance, agriculture and primary industry, destination and event management.



The Features:

  • IP67 Water and Dust proof – Submersible up to 1 metre for a period of 30 minutes
  • Built rugged - Solid die-cast chassis and operational between -20° to +60° degrees Celsius.
  • Powerful 3 or 5 watt versions - combined with GMEs enhanced receive sensitivity and selectivity, intelligent power management and the helical wound antenna, these radios maximise transmit range and boost reception distance.
  • Intelligent Battery Management – powerful 2000mAh (TX685) and 2200mAh (TX6150) Lithium Ion battery packs and intelligent hardware and software design allows the radios to operate for a minimum 24 hours on low power or 15 hours on high power* - 50% longer than any other 5 watt UHF CB radio.
  • Privacy – 38 CTCSS, 104 DCS tones and Voice Inversion Scrambler for those users looking for greater privacy and less interruption.
  • Scanning – Open scan with user selectable channel memory and dual watch
  • Genuine 2 year GME warranty


Transmit (TX)
TX685 – 3/1 watt and TX6150 – 5/1 watt RF Power: Selectable transmitter power allows you to conserve battery power when transmitting in close range by using the Low Power setting.
Individually Programmable Duplex Function: User selectable for only those individual channels in your area that have repeaters, leaving others free for use as extra simplex channels.

Receive (RX)
80 Channels 477 UHF CB
Power-save Feature: Conserves battery power by sleeping during periods of inactivity.
Calling Tone and Roger beep: Alerts you to incoming calls.
Signal Receive Indicator
Scanning and Memory Functions
Microprocessor Controlled Frequency synthesiser: Allows user programmable control of scanning, channel memories & selected feature options.
Programmable scan Function: Scans up to 80 UHF CB channels.
Dual Watch: Monitors two channels simultaneously.

Privacy Functions
Voice Inversion Scrambler: A simple voice scrambler that, when activated, will make your transmission and reception intelligible only to other radios using the same scrambler technology.
38 CTCSS & 104 DCS Tones: A built-in Continuous Tone Coded Squelch System and a Digital Coded Squelch option to provide quiet channel operation.

Physical Properties
Water & Dust proof IP67: Provides protection against dust and temporary immersion in water.
Removable Flexible Antenna
Rugged Construction with Die-cast Chassis
User Controls and Interface
Keypad lock: Prevents accidental button presses.
Backlit LCD: For night viewing.
Chargers: Desktop Charger – TX685, Desktop Rapid Charger – TX6150

*24 hour operating time using low output power, 15 hours using high output power. Based on 5% transmitting, 5% receiving and 90% waiting mode.




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