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Crosswire GPS - Multi Platform Location Services

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Improve the efficiency of your mobile workforce with Crosswire GPS

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Why use Crosswire GPS?
• Reduce your vehicle operating costs
• Maximise vehicle productivity and encourage staff accountability
• Provide accurate billing of field staff time
• Resolve customer and operational queries
• Ensure safety of vehicles and employees 
• Job cost analysis

Integrated GPS within the digital radio
• Know where your team are
• Lone worker and man down functionality
• Locate lost or stolen radios

Combined voice and GPS within one platform
• Locate your fleet where cellular coverage doesn't reach
• No cellular network fees

Know where your vehicles are and how long they have been there
• See where all your vehicles are in real time
• See their direction and speed
• View where vehicles have been with TruePath Tracking
• Set up defined places for reporting and email alerts
• View daily start and finish times and number of jobs visited
• Show travel time and time onsite
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  • Web browser based user interface - no need to install any software.
  • Multi-platform location services - Cellular, Satellite, Two-Way Radio, iPhone/Android tracking all interfaced into the same web based client.
  • Designed for tracking vehicle fleet and fixed asset tracking.
  • iPhone/Android application available for viewing vehicles locations in real time.
  • Assign different levels of access and permission based on user logon.


  • View where assets are in real time with TruePath Tracking.
  • Satellite and terrain map options.
  • View the history of your vehicle and the actual route they have taken.
  • Colour coded path on map to show vehicle speed history.
  • Stop clouds to show exactly where vehicle has stopped and for how long.
  • Ability to define places where your vehicles stop regularly including base, customers, suppliers and no-go zones.


  • Activity Reports provide you with a summary of total mileage, maximum speed, average speed, start and finish times, duration of journey and details of address stops.
  • Stop Reports show you exactly where the vehicles stop, how long they stop, idle time and proportion of idel time.
  • Daily Summary Reports give you information on vehilce start and finish times, total distance travelled and stop times.
  • Time on Site Reports show you how much time you're spending at your base, suppliers and sites. They also show you the proportion of time your vehicles spend on site.
  • Fifteen reports available in total.

Text and Email Alerts

  • Speeding alerts when vehicles exceed a user defined pre-set speed.
  • Location alerts are provided when vehicles go out of a zone.
  • Crash alerts show excessive G force.
  • Vehicle low battery alerts.
  • GPS device low battery alerts.
  • Panic activation alerts (with appropriate hardware option).
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