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RFI SDC08 8 amp 24V to 12V converter

NZD127.65 inc GST (NZD111.00 + GST) All prices on this website are in NZD

The SDC range of DC-DC converters are ideal for use in trucks, buses or any 24 volt vehicle application where you need to step down the voltage to drive radios, mobile phone car kits or auxiliary devices at 12 volts. In communications sites where the many services are now powered by 24 volts, these DC-DC converters can be used to power other devices that require 12 Volts. Can also be used to charge 12 volt batteries, in multi-voltage systems.

These ultra-compact converters are available in various current ratings and combined with easy wiring connections, this product can fit in a vast number of mounting locations within vehicles. Built in protection circuitry will give you peace of mind and provide long lasting performance.

Available in current capacities of 5, 8, 12, 20 and 30 Amps, these DC-DC converters offer industry leading low noise and output stability, and efficiencies of up to 92%, making these DC-DC converters cool to run. With its wide voltage input window, the SDC range will always give you that steady constant output required for all kinds of sensitive equipment.

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  • The SDC-20 and SDC-30 can also be used as a 13.8Vdc battery charger enabling the
  • charging of a 12V starter or accessory battery from a 24V system.
  • High Efficiency with over voltage, over temperature and short circuit protection.
  • Provides protection against voltage spikes for sensitive equipment.
  • Compact and light weight.
  • Suited to negative ground installations.
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