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Chiayo Digital Tour Guide System - 2.4GHz Wireless

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Chiayo Venture Digital 2.4GHz Wireless Tour Guide System

The new Chiayo Digital Tour Guide System provides a feature-packed, high performance two-way communication system for guided tours, language learning and interactive group activities.

This stylish, flexible professional Tour Guide System runs on the 2.4GHz digital frequency and, therefore, provides licence-free wireless communication.

Fully-scalable, the digital Tour Guide System has no limit to the number of Receivers which can be used on a single system, allowing large scale systems and the ability to ‘start small and add later’ if audience numbers increase.

Simple to use, this is a two-way wireless communication system, supporting ‘talk-back’ from the audience Receiver devices as well as from the Tour Guide main Transmitter Unit - ideal for interactive Q&A and ‘listen and repeat’ activities in language learning, for example.

The DCT-511 Transmitter device features a ‘multi-play’ facility - simultaneously broadcasting voice and line level signals (for instance from an MP3 player or smart phone) to allow for the addition of background music sound effects or pre-recorded speech, for example, to inject real atmosphere into tours and lessons!

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• Ideal for guided tours, language learning and interactive activities
• Feature-packed Wireless Tour Guide System
• Compact, lightweight & stylish Receivers/Transmitters
• Unlimited number of Receivers can be added to the system
• Lithium batteries provide up to 16 hours of operation of Receivers (10 hours for Transmitter)
• Multi-play facility allows simultaneous broadcast of voice and line level signal
• Receiver features ‘TalkBack’ facility (ask questions/interact with Guide/Presenter)
• Operation range up to 50 metres
• Out-of-range tone broadcast to Transmitters
• Stereo transmission
• Volume and Mute Control
• 20 unit Charging Base and optional bag available

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