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Hytera BD-612 Portable Radio

NZD753.25 inc GST (NZD655.00 + GST) All prices on this website are in NZD

The New and Improved TC-610!

Hytera's BD61X two-way radio inherits the excellent performance of hytera TC6 series analogy products, that provides professional communication and easily operated, rugged and reliable . Today, communication tools are the key to improved efficiency. When we ask for clear voice, it means a reliable talk, easy-to-hear and -understand. Long battery life helps you to maintain control. A rugged and robust device takes the worry out of communicating. Highperformance but simple operation will make everything go easy.


The BD61X features a bold two-color designed and tested to meet Military Standards 810 G, including temperature shock, vibration, high & low temperature and humidity. IP66 dust-and water-proof design guarantees the reliability in different environments. A Rugged Radio for Harsh Environments


With innovative design, BD61X has better performance than analog radios. Excellent reception sensitivity, the communications range further extended. BD61X DMR digital radio with good performance negligible interference, provide stable communication.


With digital encoding and correction technology, human voice is transmitted clearer without noise, even over greater distance. This is a new experience of improved audio quality. Hytera understands customers' requirements and meets them all in one. With lightweight, easy-operation, excellent performance, long battery life and reliability. We redefine a business radio using Hytera digital technology and quickly responding to what you need

Profesional and Simple to use.

Analogue and Digital Dual Modes

BD61X can support both analog and digital modes on the same hardware. You can switch between two operation modes easily and it helps you to communicate with analog radios.

Extended Talk Range

Based on Hytera innovative technology, your talk range is extended.

Long Working Time

BD61X in digital mode can work upto 16 hours @1500mAh or 22 hours@2000mAh in 5-5-90 mode.

Clear Voice

Excellent audio quality comes from the DMR digital technology, which makes communication more reliable


This feature allows you to activate the radio microphone via your voices volume, and frees your hand from PTT.


Allow BD61X listening to communication activities on other channels.

Reliable and Durable

BD61X is compliant with MIL-STD-810 G and IP66.


Adopted digital encoding and error correcting module, BD61X has the ability to avoid signal interference on the same frequency.

DMR Signalling

With DMR signaling, transmitting group call, private call and all call with PTT ID becomes quite easy.

Repeater Mode Operation

Utilize a DMR Tier II repeater to extend your communication range.

Voice Announcement

Channel number announcement helps you to switch channels quickly and correctly, even in blindness operation.

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  • Frequency Range - UHF: 410-480 MHz VHF: 136-174 MHz
  • VHF High power: 5W
  • VHF Low power:1W
  • UHF High power:4W
  • UHF Low power:1W
  • Channel Capacity: 48
  • Battery: 1500mAh
  • Digital and Analogue
  • Weight: 240G
  • Battery Life: 12/16 Hours
  • Dimensions: 108x54x29mm
  • IP66
  • MIL-STD-810 G Standard
  • Zone Capacity: 3

In The Box:

  • Antenna
  • Battery 1500mAh (BL1506)
  • Charger (CH10L23)
  • Belt Clip (BC08)
  • Nylon Hand Strap (R003)
  • Power Adaptor 100-240VAC
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