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Cobra MR F55 VHF Marine Radio

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Cobra MR F55 VHF Marine Radio - White

The Cobra MR F55 has now been replaced by the MR F57 CLICK HERE to VIEW

This unit has features usually reserved for more costly VHF marine radio units including Dual Watch, Dot Matrix Display Area, an adjustable backlight, and function keys on the mic.

The Cobra MR F55 is a full function DSC-capable VHF marine radio. Its compact design and included flush and bracket mounting kits make it great for any installation. The selectable 1 or 25 Watt output is perfect for short or long-range communication.

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  Weather Alert Alerts with an audible tone and visual alarm if threatening weather is nearby.
  DSC (Digital Selective Calling) Meets internationally recognized requirements for RTCM- SC-101 Digital Selective Calling that allows you to send a distress signal at the touch of a button or exchange position information with other boats or stations.
  Dual Watch Monitors two (2) user-selected channels at once.
  Illuminated LCD Display Provides maximum ease of use even at night.
  Keystroke Tone Signal (Selectable on/off) Confirms key activation. This feature is selectable and can be turned ON or OFF.
  1 or 25 Watts Dual output power for short and long communications.
  All 10 NOAA/Weather Channels Instant access to national all hazards and weather information, 24 hours a day.
  Submersible Meets JIS7 standards; Submersible for 30 minutes in one meter deep water.
  Noise Cancelling Microphone with Controls Blocks background noise. Controls allow instant access to channels 16 & 9 and changing of channels & setting features.
  Instant Channel 16/9 Instant access to channel 16 and channel 9 for emergency situations.
  Illuminated Function Keys Allows high visibility of function keys.
  Signal Strength Meter Shows the strength of outgoing and/or incoming signal.
  GPS Capability When connected to a Cobra or most other GPS receivers, you can send your position to other boats in an emergency, or exchange position information with other boats or stations.
  Scan Scan all channels to find conversations in progress.
  DSC Call Log Similar to the Caller ID function on a telephone, it will capture the caller's MMSI ID number and any other data included in a DSC message.
  External Speaker Jack Allows connection of an external speaker (not included).
  USA, Canada and International Channels Allows operation on any of the three (3) different channel maps established for these areas.
  2 Year Warranty (on radio) For products sold in NZ.

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