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Chiayo Coach 400 40 Watt PA with Microphone

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Chiayo Coach 400 - 40 Watt PA System with Microphone

A unique 40 watt portable PA System with USB input for MP3 playback (USB)
1 x UHF wireless microphone receiver built in
Mic in (6.3mm), Aux in (3.5mm), USB port and Aux out, 4" full range speaker

High efficiency Class D amplifier produces 25W RMS audio output, music output 40W.
The built-in sirens are perfect for sports fields and getting attention. It is loud - your voice will easily be heard across fields, playgrounds and factory warehouses.

Reads digital music files via the USB jack with LCD displaying track information.
Two alarm sounds for emergency signalling. 3.5mm stereo Aux in/Aux out connectors.

Suitable for outdoor and indoor public address applications such as coaching, sports, lectures, trade fairs, tours and election events etc. and is supplied with a mini hand-held microphone, shoulder strap and carry bag.

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Output Power          Max 40W/25W RMS 4 ohm
Speaker System      4" full range
T.H.D.                     < 0.5%
Audio Inputs            Mic in, Aux in, USB2.0
Audio Outputs          Aux out
Power Supply          1001 240V 1.5A, 20VDC 2.5A
Battery Type            14.8V / 2.4AH (Lithium)
Operating Life           5-6 hours in music, 10-12 hours in speech
Charging Time          About 4 hours
Dimensions              156H, 156W, 205D
Weight                     1.6kg
Module Type              R-300m, R-500m, SDR-500m
Frequency Response  50Hz-20kHz +/- 3dB
Antenna                     Built in

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