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Ocean Signals RescueMe EDF1

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The exciting new rescueMe Electronic Digital Flare form Ocean Signal is now here.

Ocean Signal’s new rescueMe Electronic Distress Flare is a super-bright, reusable hand-held signalling device that is suitable for a wide range of outdoor activities from marine based activities such as boating, fishing, kayaking etc to land-based activities including hunting, hiking and tramping.

Powered by long-life replaceable batteries, the new rescueMe Electronic Distress Flare (EDF1) is compact, waterproof to IP67 standard and very easy to operate.

Unlike traditional pyrotechnic flares, the EDF1 uses advanced ultra-intensive LED lighting. This means it is very safe to use, even in areas where total fire bans are in place, and can provide a constant light output for up to 6 hours at a time. Because the EDF1 is battery powered, it can be used multiple times and the batteries are also easy to replace.

With three modes of operation and SOS signalling, the EDF1 boasts a range of up to 7 miles with superb 360-degree visibility in the Azimuth. This provides excellent visibility for both aircraft/helicopter and land/sea based search and rescue teams.

Able to be turned on and off as required and with a changeable light pattern (to differentiate it from other lights), the EDF1 is extremely compact, standing just 187mm high with a width of only 42mm. It weighs just 155g and its compact, rugged design means that it can be used in any land or sea based emergency situation.

Because the new rescueMe Electronic Distress Flare doesn’t deteriorate over time like a conventional flare, it is ideal for use in outdoor conditions where there is often a good chance of rain or drizzle.

The EDF1 is both compact and elegant, it is also easy to keep close at hand, on a lifejacket, in a pocket or backpack.

Whether the EDF1 is used by itself as an emergency or signalling device or in conjunction with the extremely successful rescueMe Personal Locator Beacon (PDF1) it will be a successful addition to the emergency product range.


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EDF1 - the World's most compact Electronic Distress Flare

  • No hazardous pyrotechnics
  • Long operational use in excess of 6 hours continuous
  • Unique lens design

The RescueME EDF1 is...

  • Compact, lightweight and rugged
  • Six hours operation
  • Easy battery replacement
  • Battery test function
  • Waterproof to 10m

The RescueME EDF1 has...

  • Advanced LED technology
  • Visibility up to 7 miles
  • Superb 360 degree visibility
  • Excellent visibility to SAR aircraft and helicopters
  • Four operating modes plus SOS mode
  • Constant brightness maintained throughout the life of the battery

The compact size of the RescueME EDF1 means it is the perfct safety product for a grab bag, liferaft or hiker's backpack.

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