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Webfleet - Fleet Management Software

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Webfleet - fleet management software

Connect Your Workforce and Business

You can only manage what you can measure

Webfleet’s easy-to-use ‘Software as a Service’ technology helps anyone with commercial vehicles, manage them more effectively. Its innovative online fleet management capab­il­ities give you total visibility of everything that happens on the road.

With Webfleet you are always connected with your team on the road. You get to know where your vehicles are, and how they are being used, from any mobile device of your choice.

It makes your fleet performance data visible, so you know current status, and also when and where to take action when it is needed. Take real-time traffic information into account when assigning the most appropriate driver to the next job, or ensure they take a predefined route, that you send directly to their Driver Terminal.


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Manage on the move

The Webfleet Mobile app is available for iOS and Android. You can also manage your fleet on a tablet, a laptop or a desktop computer entering Webfleet through your web browser.

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Scalable solution 

Webfleet is one of the world’s leading Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) fleet management software solutions. No matter how big or small your business is, Webfleet can improve vehicle performance, save on fuel, support driver performance and, with enhanced visibility of your data, increase overall fleet efficiency.
Increase visibility by seeing data from multiple sources all in one interface with Webfleet Plugins. You can add tried and tested applic­a­tions, like temperature or tyre pressure sensors, from your existing applic­a­tions, or from our range of integration partners.




With Webfleet’s dashboard you can see your business performance at a glance. KPIs can track the performance of individuals, benchmark teams or give a simple overview of your whole operation. Up to 27 KPIs can be displayed, enabling you to track performance against your pre-defined KPI’s in real time. 


Webfleet gives you instant access to the information that matters, meaning you can spot trends over time and make smarter, and more informed decisions for your business.

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A-B route planning in Webfleet with the capability to send routes direct to drivers

  • Adjust variables such as location/time of departure/arrival, as well as vehicle type
  • Select whether to include current traffic in planning
  • Get a choice of alternative routes as well as suggested fastest route
  • Customise your route - waypoints can easily be added via free text search, point on map or by dragging and dropping the suggested route
  • Send planned routes to the latest Driver Terminals




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Service Tariffs Per Vehicle

Webfleet-Nat-Nav Navigation with a PRO terminal $27+gst per mth


Webfleet-Nat-Live Navigation and Live Traffic        $32+gst per mth


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