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Eartec Evade EVXSR Single Remote Headset

NZD638.25 inc GST (NZD555.00 + GST) All prices on this website are in NZD

EARTEC Evade - Light Industrial, Full Duplex Wireless Intercom Single Speaker Remote Headset

EVADE are a new generation of full duplex team intercoms designed for professional crews that require crystal clear, hands free communication. A complete EVADE system allows up to nine users to talk simultaneously within a 400-yard range enhancing coordination, productivity, and safety. These EVADE wireless headsets are engineered with a single speaker that can be worn on left or right leaving the one ear free. They feature “All in One” Light Industrial design including deluxe padding along with sleek fully adjustable headband that provide outstanding comfort and rugged durability. To operate the system simply install the lithium polymer batteries (included), turn the headsets “ON” and talk!

EVADE headsets utilize Frequency Hopping technology which means they automatically switch channels in order to circumvent interference. They do not require wires, belt packs, or even a base station, instead a specialty “MAIN” headset relays the digital signals of up to eight “Remote” units. All Evade Single also include Eartec’s “Auto Mute” mic boom that swivels 270 degrees to be worn on either left or right and cuts off the headset gain when set to the UP position. The headsets are field programmable and expandable to accommodate your growing needs. Battery charger and soft side storage / transport case included.  

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Excellent performance – Range up to 1/2 mile

Radio installed inside earcup, no wires or beltpacks

Li-Poly Batteries – Provide continuous 8 hr operation and are field replaceable

Auto Mute Boom – Mute when in UP position

Volume Control – Simple up / down push button adjustment

Sealed for use outdoors in inclement conditions

Light Industrial Design – Wear comfortably for an 8 hour work shift

Field Programmable – Start small and add to your system as needed



Frequency Range       2407MHz-2475MHz

Data Rate                    1MBPS

Bandwidth                  150KHz

Channel Spacing       1MHz

Modulation Type        GFSK

Gain of Antenna         0db

Duplexing                   Time Division Duplex (TDD)

Speech Encoding       ADPCM/16kbit/s

RF Accessing             Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA)

Power Supply             Rechargeable Li-polymer Battery @ 3.7v/1000mAH

RF Output Power       80mw

Operating Temperature        0 – +50º C

Operating Relative Humidity Range             30% – 90%

Operation Current     110mA

Operation Time          8h

Range                         1/2 mile (open field)


In The Box

  • Eartec EVADE EVXSR Light-Industrial Full-Duplex Wireless Intercom Single-Ear Remote Headset (2.4 GHz)


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