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1 September 2011

What is the XT Network?

It is Telecom New Zealand's branding for its new mobile network, based on 3G (third generation) technologies.

What technology is used on XT Network?

The XT Network is a 3G WCDMA network. Telecom New Zealand is using the 850MHz band wherever they have coverage, with some 2100MHz cell sites for infill - it can be used in some areas if overload happens for example.

The service supports WCDMA, HSPA (HSDPA, HSUPA).

Is the XT Network a GSM service?

No. GSM is an old standard, and WCDMA is the evolution of this standard.

What is the coverage of this new mobile network?

Telecom New Zealand promissed to offer the same of bigger coverage than its current mobile network, covering 97% of the country where New Zealanders are active.

Can I use my current CDMA handset on the new XT Network?

No, they use different technologies. Telecom has said gift vouchers will be available to customers who are on a contract and want to move from the CDMA to XT Network. You will be able to use these vouchers when purchasing new handsets - think of them as a "discount on hardware".

Do these XT Network handsets use SIM cards?

Yes, they do.

Can I bring my own 3G handset to the network?

Yes, you can. However your 3G handset must support at least WCDMA 850MHz and must be unlocked.

How do I unlock my handset from another provider?

Vodafone New Zealand handsets are not locked. If you have a locked device from other telco, contact your current provider or seller.

Will the iPhone 3G work on the XT Network?

Yes, it will. The iPhone 3G is a 850MHz/2100MHz handset. If you bought it from Vodafone it's unlocked and can be used on the XT Network.

What are the exact specs I need on my 3G handset to connect to the XT Network?

You must have a 3G WCDMA 850MHz handset to be able to connect everywhere.

Where can I roam with my XT Network handset?

Everywhere. Telstra, the largest 3G network in Australia, runs on 850MHz. The AT&T Wireless 3G network service in the U.S. runs on 850MHz. And in Europe and other countries your device will connect to 2100MHz. Also handsets sold by Telecom New Zealand will be 850/2100MHz WCDMA and also 850/900/1800/1900MHz GSM (quadband). This means they will roam to a over 206 destinations.

What are the advantages of WCDMA 850MHz?

In short: better coverage and in-building penetration.

I have a Vodafone New Zealand account, can I roam on XT Network to use their services?

No. Vodafone does not have a roaming agreement with Telecom.

Can I call a Vodafone New Zealand number?


I have a bundle that gives me free SMS/voice calls to other Telecom New Zealand mobiles. Will it be the same?

Yes, for all effect the XT Network is treated as a single billing entity with the current Telecom New Zealand network.

Can I port my number from Vodafone or another provider to XT Network?

Yes, number portability is available for some time now and can be done to the new network.

Is mobile data available?

Yes. Telecom has APNs in place to allow for access to mobile data.

Can I use dual SIM handsets and connect to XT Network and Vodafone network - much easier to use my bundles/plans?

Yes, if the handset is unlocked and supports 3G WCDMA 850MHz.

Will my [handset name/model] connect to XT Network?

If it supports 3G WCDMA 850MHz and is unlocked, chances are it will work fine.

Will the inbuilt module in my notebook work? It says it's WCMDA 850 capable...

Some inbuilt modules are firmware locked to certain providers. The HP 2710p has a Sierra Wireless MC8775 module in it that is locked to Vodafone but a simple firmware upgrade to a generic version will get it going.

Other unlocked inbuilt modules should work fine - providing the 3G WCDMA 850MHz support is there.

Will XT Network offer video calling?

Yes but only betwen XT Network handsets.

How do I place international calls from a handset connected to the XT Network?

The standard convention is to dial + [country code] [area code] [phone number]. You can get the "+" sign if you press and hold 0 on your handset's keypad. Or you can enter 00 [country code] [area code] [phone number].

The problem is that "00" only works in New Zealand. Other countries use other codes. The "+" is universal though and will work in any other country. So for easier roaming, always use "+". Actually always enter phones into the phonebook with the + [country code] [area code] [phone number] format. If you dial this within New Zealand the system knows it's a local or long distance call - you won't be charged international rates to call New Zealand number when using this format.

Will I hear those "bzzz bzzz bzzz" noises that come through my PC speakers or conference bridges when a GSM phone is nearby?

This is not heard with CDMA and WCDMA devices due to the spread spectrum nature of these technologies. This means the signal is spread across a range of frequencies which greatly reduces sideband interference which is what is heard on audio conference bridges and airline pilot headsets. 

Are the XT Network phones locked?

No, the handsets are not locked to the XT Network.

I am going overseas but I don't want to pay roaming charges. I don't mind not being able to receive calls on my New Zealand number - can I use another SIM card on my XT Network handset?

Yes, you can. Telecom New Zealand is not planning to lock handsets.

Will A-GPS be available on XT Network?

Telecom has decided not to launch with A-GPS.

Will XT Network support CSD and FAX?

Telecom has decided not to deploy these services on XT Network, at least for launch.

Do we need a Telepermit to connect mobile handsets to XT Network?

No, a Telepermit is not required.

I want to port my number from my current provider to Telecom XT Network. Shall I close my current account?

No. You should not close your current account, otherwise you will lose your number. You should go to a Telecom store and request the porting. Telecom will start the process and request your old account to be closed. You will receive a final bill from your current provider.

What do I need to provide to port my number to Telecom?

You will need your current SIM card, a photo id and a bill showing your customer number with your current provider. You will then fill a form, sign and wait. Whatever you do do not cancel your account with your current provider.

What happens when a Telecom NZ customer and mobile device is not within 850/2100 coverage, and is in GSM-only coverage?

This is dependant on the GSM provider, i.e. Vodafone.

What numbers can you dial from a Telecom New Zealand WCDMA device without the SIM card inserted?

There are no numbers you can dial from a device that has no SIM card. Emergency Services have asked Telecom to not allow emergency calls from XT Network handsets unless a valid SIM card is inserted.

When someone from overseas (inbound roamer) wants a local SIM card and chooses Telecom New Zealand, how do they obtain one? Will they be available to inbound-roamers on Prepaid Only?

Inbound roamers are able to purchase Prepaid connections just like everyone else.

Will Telecom New Zealand sell SIM cards any other way except a retail store?

Customers will be able to purchase a connection to the XT Network via both Online and CSR channels just as customer can do this today for a CDMA connections.

When I switch from my Vodafone phone to Telecom New Zealand WCDMA phone, how do I transfer my address book/contacts to the Telecom NZ SIM card?

Telecom stores have the ability to transfer contacts from a range of phones to a XT SIM. Not all Vodafone phones are supported but contacts can be transferred between SIM cards.

When I switch from  my Telecom New Zealand CDMA phone to Telecom New Zealand WCDMA phone, how do I transfer my address book/contacts to the Telecom New Zealand SIM card?

Telecom stores have the ability to transfer contacts from a range of phones to an XT SIM card. Not all Vodafone phones are supported but all Telecom CDMA handsets are supported.

Will Telecom New Zealand sell content (like a ringtone or video clip) to mobile devices not purchased from Telecom New Zealand?

If the handset is able to connect to the TWorld Content portal then the customer is able to purchase content. The caution is that not all handsets can support the content available.

When I buy a phone from Telecom New Zealand, if it breaks does Telecom New Zealand fix it or someone else? If someone else, will it be in New Zealand? Is the wait time / turnaround time the same as for CDMA devices?

Telecom use a number of companies to provide technical support for Telecom sold handsets. All repairs and warranty issues are managed through the Telecom stores.

Can I place a video call to friends overseas who have a mobile phone with a video camera?

Currently video calling is only available between XT Network customers.

If my Vodafone is stolen and I report this, what stops the thief putting in a Telecom New Zealand SIM and using it?

Currently Telecom and Vodafone do not have the ability to block handsets on each others networks.

What happens to the Okta brand of mobile devices?

Telecom won't be selling new devices under the Okta brand.

 What is the SMSMessage Centre for XT Network?

The number is +64277439010.

The settings in my iPhone have the Carrier Network Selection on Automatic, instead of "hard set" on Vodafone. If I'm in a low or no Vodafone signal area, will my phone switch over and roam to XT if available?

No, because Vodafone New Zealand does not have a roaming agreement with Telecom New Zealand.

Is it possible to check my voice (minutes) and data (MB) usage online?

From your mobile device you can visit the TWorld portal to find this information. Alternatively, if you are using a PDA or Smartphone but not connected to the WAP gateway you can visit from your mobile device. This is only availale for XT Nework service, not for the old CDMA network.

Can I use a prepay SIM for data only?

Yes, you can.

Who owns the SIM card?

The SIM card remains property of Telecom New Zealand.

How can I configure my iPhone 3G to work with XT Network?

Providing your iPhone 3G is unlocked (all iPhone 3G purchased through Vodafone are unlocked) you just need to swap your SIM card, turn the phone off and on again, select Settings |General | Network, check the Enable 3G box and change the Cellular Data/APN to the appropriate XT Network APN - in this case "" (without the quotes of course).

I have a prepaid SIM on XT Network. How can I check my current balance?

You can either check it online (see Q. 63) or send a SMS to 333 with the word BAL. You will receive a reply with your balance.

How can I hide/show my calling number?

To invoke CLIR for a single call enter: #31# SEND. To suppress CLIR for a single call, enter *31# SEND.

On Vodafone if you are out of 3G coverage you can still connect to 2G. What happens on XT?

Note that XT network is 100% 3G on its entirety, while Vodafone is a mix of 2G and 3G.

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