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Understanding Ultra-Rugged with Sonim
10 March 2021

Understanding Ultra-Rugged with Sonim

Explore what it takes for a phone to be “ultra-rugged” and how Sonim devices meet the industry’s highest standards. 



What does it mean for a phone to be “ultra-rugged”?

To be truly ultra-rugged, a device must be designed, built, and tested against rugged performance standards.

Sonim Rugged Performance Standards.

Designing the ultimate rugged phone. When we set out to build Sonim phones, we didn’t want to just meet the limited standards of the industry, like MIL-STD-810G and Ingress Protection (IP) ratings. So, we pushed beyond them and created a more comprehensive set of standards. Based on over ten years of feedback from customer usage in the world’s most extreme environments, Sonim Rugged Performance Standards (RPS) consist of 12 benchmarks of endurance and durability. And then we designed, built, and tested Sonim devices to exceed industry standards.

RPS criteria

·         Extra-Loud Audio

·         Multi-Shift Battery Life

·         Operational in Extreme Temperatures

·         Glove Friendly

·         Water-proof IPX8

·         Dust-proof IP6X

·         Pressure Resistant

·         Puncture Resistant

·         Shock Resistant

·         Chemical Resistant

·         Drop/Impact Resistant

How is an ultra-rugged phone different from putting a case on a consumer phone?

It’s more than just putting “bumpers” on a mobile device. Sonim ultra-rugged phones are purpose-built to survive hazardous environments without a case.

Ultra -rugged phones are designed to absorb energy. Sonim ultra -rugged phones are impact -tested at every angle. Sonim testers drop the device from a minimum height of 4 feet on each of it’s 6 faces, 12 edges and 8 corners, for a total of 26 drops. This test ensures that all possible points of impact are tested.

Unlike consumer devices which are designed to be as light and thin as possible, and therefore fragile, ultra -rugged devices are specifically engineered to withstand the rigors of extreme environments.

Built with industry -leading materials.

Sonim ensures glass durability by leveraging extremely shock -resistant and chemically -strengthening Gorilla Glass on devices. Hardened rubber molded housing can withstand up to 4J of impact energy protecting the edges of the Gorilla Glass screens.

No case necessary.

In some instances, with consumer devices, a case can increase the temperature and/or trap moisture/humidity causing performance issues. Sonim devices are built tough on their own so you don't need a case. Waterproof and operational in extreme temperatures, Sonim devices are less likely to fail due to case-related moisture and temperature issues.

Tested beyond average durability demands.

While most rugged-phone providers drop test at 4 foot to plywood over concrete, Sonim tests at 6 feet directly to concrete, which is more than twice the impact force.

There is no outside auditor for MIL-STD-810G testing. Vendors are left to self-test their own products and have leeway in doing so, so MIL-STD-810G claims should be followed up with questions to ensure devices were rigorously tested.

Designed to withstand chemical disinfection and immersion.

Sonim ultra -rugged smartphones can be rigorously cleaned and disinfected with harsh chemical cleaning agents. Safely scrub, wipe -down, spray, or even submerge devices with aerosols, bleaches and other abrasive cleaners as needed.

·         Aggressively scrub and wipe -down

·         Safely submerge in chemical cleaning agents up to 30 minutes

·         Use aerosol sprays, bleaches and other abrasive cleaners as needed

·         Safe to spray directly on device

Aggressively lab -tested for chemical resistance.

Chemicals used in Sonim testing:

● Isopropyl Alcohol
● Bleach
● Detergent
● Benzalkonium
● Glass Cleaner
● Gasoline
● Acetone ….and more

Put to test by customers in the real-world.

1 Hour Full Hydrogen Peroxide Immersion - Sprayed with Hydrogen Peroxide with no effect
Soaked for 15, 30 and 60 mins with no impact on device operation

5 Day Jet Fuel Immersion - Sonim devices continued to operate for 5 days while fully immersed in jet fuel. Only stopped working because the battery finally ran out of charge Competitive “rugged” products only lasted a few hours

Do I really need an ultra-rugged device? Can I use two consumer devices for work instead?

Unlike consumer devices, Sonim devices are purpose-built to deliver rugged, reliable communication in extreme conditions. No amount of consumer devices could match the ruggedness of Sonim.

Ultra-rugged features for ultra-rugged industries.

At Sonim, we serve the people who serve us. This includes the ~47 million-strong community of task and public sector workers in the U.S. and Canada.

Industrial Enterprise Transportation & Logistics ~38 Million

Transport & Logistics
Facilities Management
Energy & Utility

Public Sector ~9 Million

Public Safety
Federal Government

Demanding workflows demand an ultra -rugged solution.

Key causes of failure for consumer devices include:
● Exposure to water
● Dropping or impact
● Temperature exposure

Unique operating conditions are a common source of failure for consumer devices used in work applications.

Batteries that won’t quit, just like you.

Most consumer smartphones have built -in batteries. When the battery decays, the whole phone must be replaced.

All Sonim Ultra -Rugged devices have multi -shift batteries for power that lasts all day. Plus, they are removable and replaceable so your device’s lifespan isn’t limited by its batteries.

Loud and clear audio to rise above the noise.

Sonim ultra-rugged devices feature noise-cancelling technology and front facing speakers with >100dB output ‒ much higher than consumer devices.

Even the loudest consumer devices only reach ~80 dB voice and ringing output*. Furthermore, most consumer smartphones have speakers that point down, hampering volume.

Integrated Push -to -Talk for reliable, instant communication.

Push -to -Talk is one of the fastest growing mobile applications, and a valuable utility on mobile devices.

Support leading PTT applications

• Over -the -top (OTT)
• Carrier -integrated
• Mission -Critical (MCPTT)

Software tightly integrated with hardware

• OneTouch PTT activates call even if app is running in background or device is in sleep mode
• Accessories that fully support PTT functionality including channel selection and volume control
• LMR interoperability

Sonim works closely with leading PTT providers to provide integrated OneTouch PTT. Unlike consumer devices where users must wake their device and open a virtual PTT app.

Rugged accessories work how you work.

At Sonim, accessories are far from an afterthought. Our rugged accessories support your work preferences and requirements without sacrificing durability.

·         XPand Accessories

·         In-vehicle Pro-install & Passive kits

·         Bluetooth RSM & Smart Button

·         Wired & Wireless PTT Headsets & RSMs

·         Multi-bay Handset & Battery Charging

·         Dispatch

·         Chargers, Cables & Adapters

·         Carrying Solutions

A comprehensive warranty that has you covered.

Sonim provides a comprehensive three -year warranty on all handheld devices. That’s full coverage on everything but the battery for three years. And unlike consumer devices, Sonim’s warranty is included with the price of the device.

Critical criteria for your mission-critical work.

Hidden costs and high failure rate of consumer devices can lead to poor ROI. Consider the features and support you need in your rugged mobility solution.

Critical Criteria

·         Durability

·         Battery-life/replacement

·         Accessories

·         Security

·         Manageability

·         Lifecycle

·         Extended Warranty

·         Service & Support

What are the hidden costs of using a non-rugged device for work?

From shipping to warranty, support to device failure, know the potential cost of your work devices. The ROI on a rugged device is driving continued growth and adoption.

Device failure is a major issue impacting enterprise operations and increasing overall Total Cost of Ownership.

Failure rates of non-rugged mobile devices were approximately 2.9 times higher than the failure rates of rugged mobile devices. This represents failure rates of mobile devices supporting line of business applications – such as field service automation, warehouse management or mobile point of sale.

Rugged smartphones deliver a TCO less than half of non-rugged.

While device acquisition costs for rugged are higher than consumer, rugged-devices typically last 3.8 years vs 2.8 for non-rugged.

Device Warranty: make sure you know what’s covered and not covered.

Consider these questions when reviewing your consumer device warranty: ● How long am I covered?

● Is it a limited or comprehensive warranty?
● No-fault?
● Are there limited repairs (e.g. glass replacement)?

Based on customer feedback, Sonim’s comprehensive 3-year warranty on all handheld devices provides savings when it comes to device replacement.

Covers everything but the battery for 3 years* (1 year warranty on the battery)


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